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Hill Oil Company

A RelaDyne Company since December 2011
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Hill Oil Company, part of the southern RelaDyne network, was acquired by RelaDyne in December of 2011. Started in 1946, Hill Oil has grown into one of the most diversified petroleum marketers in the Southern United States. It has contributed its abundant growth to its ability to advance with new technology, equipment and commitment to its customers.

Hill Oil’s PetroClean Solutions division has become a significant aspect of RelaDyne’s Field Reliability Management (FRM) Services, dramatically scaling the division with its nationwide reputation as a first-class provider of power generation flushing and filtration services. As an industry leader, the PetroClean Solutions sector of FRM sets records, establishes new trends, and continuously develops technology and methods to improve plant reliability.

The company’s former owner, Scott Hill, serves as General Manager of RelaDyne’s Farmerville branch.

Notable Services:

  • Lubricant Consolidation
  • Lubrication and Equipment Surveys
  • Oil Analysis
  • High Volume Flushing and Filtration
  • Water Removing Systems
  • Transport and Bobtail deliveries
  • Gasolines, Diesel Fuels, Kerosene, and Solvents
  • Equipment
  • Fuel Inventory Management
Power Generation Services
  • High velocity flushing equipment, up to 3000 GPM
  • Experienced and trained technicians
  • Filtration equipment to meet required ISO cleanliness codes for startup and delivery of turbine oil
  • Startup and maintenance on new and existing plants
  • Onsite particle count machines
  • Dedicated double walled turbine oil hoses and tankers
  • 24-hour service

Our commitment to our customers begins with our employees. By joining the RelaDyne team, our employees have been able to grow and benefit from RelaDyne’s programs and experience allowing us to serve our customers with a larger selection of quality products and services that we could not have done alone.

Scott Hill, former President of Hill Oil Company. Currently Vice President of RelaDyne Reliability Services.

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