How Much is Downtime Impacting Your Business?

How Much is Downtime Impacting Your Business?

How Much is Downtime Impacting Your Business?

Reduce Downtime, Improve Productivity!

Downtime in equipment can cause drops in productivity, unfulfilled customer needs and often large expenses. Luckily, downtime can often times be avoided with preventative maintenance and related services. RelaDyne Reliability Services can ensure that downtime does not affect your ability to meet your customers needs by eliminating up to 98% of contaminants and eliminating the factors that cause downtime. 

What is downtime really costing you?
Here’s how to calculate:

Consider the revenue lost during downtime periods by comparing the number of products produced in a given time period (per hour) to the amount of money made from each product. Then compare these figures to the amount of downtime that has occurred. This can be up to 30% or more of profit loss during downtime!

Downtime is the single biggest expense to the bottom line of any plant. Fortunately, much of this can be prevented by understanding what’s happening inside your oil. RelaDyne Reliability Services can assist you helping you to understand what’s impacting your oil and causing that unscheduled downtime.

RelaDyne’s Patented Process

RelaDyne has developed a patented kidney-loop oil processing technology to remove harmful varnish from lubrication systems. The process has been uniquely developed to remove lubricating oil varnish and system varnish without downtime or loss of production. This proprietary process attacks varnish at its source and lets our customers continue to operate without missing a beat.




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