Fueling Services

Fueling Services

Tank Cleaning

Have You Checked Your Tank Today?

To prevent your fuel systems from unpredictable downtime, the RelaDyne Reliability Services team can perform fuel tank cleaning. Fuel tank cleaning removes sludge and unwanted water from the tank to restore it to like new condition and operation. The fluids within your equipment absolutely mean the difference between efficient, profitable operation and irreparable equipment and downtime.

The Importance of Clean Fuel Tanks

As emission standards get tighter, Diesel Engine Manufacturers are relying on more complex and efficient engines to achieve regulation standards. Tier 3 & Tier 4 engine fuel injection systems use higher pressures (up to 35,000 p.s.i.) to maximize fuel combustion. These higher pressures are generated with tighter tolerances which require cleaner fuel to prevent injector degradation and deposit build up.

Fuel cleanliness and quality is critical to maintaining your system and it begins with the storage tank. Ignoring increasing levels of tank contaminants will result in deterioration of the fuel itself and degradation and repairs in the equipment it powers.

Fungus feeding on ULSD
Live fungus feeding on ULSD fuel hydrocarbons and living in the bottom water layer

RelaDyne Fuel Tank Cleaning service cleans tank bottoms removing water, sediment, and microbacterial growth that collect and settle over time. This service, combined with our proven performance fuel additives and lab services, provides all the tools necessary to manage today’s challenging fuels.

Water Removal

Water is the most destructive contaminant in diesel fuel. Water fuels microbacterial growth and corrosion which lead to the creation of metal contaminants in the fuel. Water also reduces lubricity and causes fuel line icing during winter months.

Sediment Removal

Sediment accumulates on tank bottoms and is dispersed into fuel when tanks are filled. Sediment causes abrasive wear in dispensing equipment and fuel injection components.

Microbial Remediation

When corrosive microbacterial growth is present, RelaDyne uses a powerful vacuum cleaning process which loosens and removes growth. We also provide biocides and testing in our own lab as part of our microbacterial remediation system.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my fuel tank needs cleaning?

• Tank showing signs of corrosion
• Plugged filters
• Sediment in my fuel tank
• Excess water in my fuel
• Presence of fungus & bacteria in the fuel

What causes sediment in my fuel?

Ethanol and Biodiesel are both solvents and can loosen debris on the tank walls and from internal equipment, causing sediment. This causes filter plugging and creates water traps.

Why are my tanks and equipment showing signs of corrosion?

Water, air, and contaminants in a fuel product can cause
serious corrosion of steel pipes, tanks, probes and other

  • ULSD and Biodiesel causing increase in free water
    (holds less water)
  • Water is a breeding ground for microbes
  • Less sulfur causes increased microbes
  • Acids from these living organisms causes corrosion

Why should I remove excess water?

Today’s fuels will cause severe problems if they contain

  • Water causes microbial problems.
  • Microbes live in the water and feed on the fuel.
  • No water = no microbes (bacteria/fungus)
  • The presence of water is the decisive factor in the growth of bacterial/fungal organisms.
  • In the absence of water, the microbes would not be present or could not be active.
  • Bacteria breakdowns all grades of fuel.
  • It causes corrosion of metals due to acids.
  • Plugs fuel-systems. Filters, lines, etc.

How can RelaDyne Tank Cleaning service help?

RelaDyne has mobile tank cleaning units that can handle
the industries most severe cleaning challenges. The final
stage in our cleaning process can filter your fuel to 5 microns.

Our mobile unit carries on board many spare parts to
repair and maintain your fuel delivery system. This includes
watertight caps, pump dispensing filters, and in-tank
water monitoring supplies.

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