RelaDyne Enhances Commercial Line of Products

RelaDyne Enhances Commercial Line of Products

RelaDyne Enhances Commercial Line of Products

ALLFLEET family of products.

RelaDyne is pleased to announce it has enhanced its commercial line of products, otherwise known as ALLFLEET. These enhancements include a 10-year warranty for on-road vehicles, as well as an expanded fluid analysis program designed to optimize drain intervals.

The new ALLFLEET HD Engine Warranty covers 16 engine parts for up to 10 years or 600,000 miles and is available for free to every ALLFLEET customer. The HD warranty is available for on-road vehicles with less than 75,000 miles for Vehicle Classes 2 through 6 and less than 300,000 miles for Vehicle Classes 7 and 8. Additional information and terms and conditions are available at

In conjunction with the availability of the 10-year warranty, RelaDyne is offering an expanded fluid analysis program. This fluid analysis program allows for online analytics to help fleet owners better manage when their fleet vehicles need certain maintenance to keep the vehicles running at optimal performance. This tracking will help optimize drain intervals, reduce costs and ensure vehicle parts last as long as possible.

 Anyone interested in learning about these new enhancements to RelaDyne’s commercial line of products or interested in purchasing ALLFLEET lubricants can find out more by visiting the RelaDyne website or by calling 1-888-830-3156.

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