Grease Systems

Centralized Grease Systems

Lubrication Systems Company offers centralized grease systems that are designed to ensure equipment reliability while making the work environment safer for maintenance personnel. Our grease systems remove the requirement to access remote grease points, especially in confined spaces, when equipment is in operation and ensures continuous application of small, uniform amounts of grease to critical lubrication points.

Centralized systems are best practice to ensure proper application of grease and to reduce the risks associated with improper maintenance (ex. under / over greasing or human error, such as adding incorrect or contaminated grease). Centralized systems can also help avoid damage to seals and elevated bearing temperatures.


Benefits of Centralized Grease Systems

  • Significant savings from reduced lubricant consumption
  • Better utilization of direct manual labor
  • Reduced bearing failures
  • Less time required for lubricant changeout and inspection
  • Less programmed maintenance required

Types of Systems

  • Dual Line lubrication systems
  • Single Line lubrication systems
  • Parallel and Progressive system arrangements

As systems typically include long lines, precise metering valves, injectors, fittings, pumps, controllers and additional connections that can malfunction due to vibration, air entrainment and other environmental impacts it is important that systems are monitored and maintained on a constant basis.

RelaDyne Reliability Services provides a full suite of equipment services for centralized grease systems, including design, installation, commissioning, maintenance, and repair.

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