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LSO SureMist Series LubriMist Synthetic Oil

Precision Engineered Lubricants Designed Specifically for Oil Mist Systems

RelaDyne Reliability Services LSO SureMist is an ester-based high performance oil designed for mist-lubrication of machine components such as bearings, gears and chains. SureMist has a high resistance to oxidation along with good anti-wear and extreme pressure properties. SureMist has enhanced surface wetting capabilities due to its polarity. Bearing failures are reduced by as much as 90 percent.
SureMist provides exceptional misting properties in the form of unmatched low stray mist percentage, low line condensate percentage and high reclassified oil percentage when compared with the competition. SureMist’s high quality base oil and additive components help eliminate reclassifier plugging that may be experienced with mineral oils or other lubricants that are not blended properly.

ISOMAG Positive Seal Bearing Isolator

RelaDyne Reliability Services is now offering ISOMAG brand lapped positive seal bearing isolators that eliminate lubricant loss and protect bearings from contaminants. MP V-7XL bearing isolator is the result of ISOMAG’s dedicated mission to increase bearing life.
By utilizing a positive contact seal in an oil mist system, stray mist can be eliminated and cycle life is maximized with ISOMAG’s patent pending lite load face technology. As a result, the isolator operates with less friction and lower temperatures that substantially extends the life of the isolator.
This technological breakthrough makes the MP V-7XL the most versatile MAGNETIC bearing isolator available. It can be used in thousands of applications from 3/4” to 13” shaft sizes.

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