Oil Mist Generators & Systems – Test Model

Oil Mist Generators & Systems – Test Model

LubriMist® Oil Mist Lubrication Systems offer you the best of two worlds – fast return on investment and a greener‚ cleaner facility.

As the industry leader, LSC has delivered over 5‚000 LubriMist® Oil Mist generators and systems around the globe. Oil Mist lubrication has proven the most reliable lubrication option across many industries, from heavy farm equipment to arctic refineries.

LubriMist® systems deliver continuous service with no operator intervention. These efficient‚ centralized lubrication systems use compressed air to produce a clean mixture of low-pressure‚ atomized lubrication oil in precise amounts to ensure the integrity of rotating equipment.

Available in a variety of sizes and with a full range of mechanical and electrical features, Oil Mist lubrication meets virtually every lubrication system need. From large-scale‚ fully automated systems lubricating 100+ pieces of equipment in a petrochemical plant to single bearing lubrication on a woodworking machine, there’s a LubriMist® Oil Mist lubrication system to meet your needs.


Oil Mist Generator Models

  • VM – 1 gallon, open loop
  • VO – 3 gallon, open loop
  • LubriMate (LM) – 1 gallon, closed loop
  • CVT – Redundant systems, open/closed loop
  • CHB – Redundant systems, open/closed loop
  • IVT – Redundant systems, all-weather, integrated bulk tank, open/closed loop

Model: CVT



Parts, Accessories, & Service

Contact LSC for system and generator replacement parts, upgrades, and accessories. Parts and upgrades are typically available for out-of-production generators, including:  JD, JR, SSV, EXP, VFP, and NV.

Commonly requested accessories include:

  • Drain legs
  • Collection containers
  • Bulk & demisting tanks
  • Mist manifolds
  • Purge mist vent/fills
  • Constant oilers
  • Preservation packages
  • Mobile oil / fill carts

LSC offers turn-key, on-site equipment services including installation, inspection, start-up / commissioning, maintenance, and repair. All services adhere to OEM specifications and standards.

Hazardous Area Expertise

LubriMist® oil mist generators are installed in some of the most stringent, hazardous areas in the world.  Our equipment includes various 3rd party manufacturing and Ex certifications, including: ATEX, INMETRO, EAC, NEC, CSA, GOST, CE, UL, NEMA, IECEX, PESO

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