Oil Purification

Oil Purification

Emergency Water and Gas Removal

When you experience a sudden ingression of water or other contaminants into your lube system‚ your equipment life and production uptime are at significant risk. Standard filtration elements are not designed to maintain system cleanliness specifications under such conditions‚ especially when the contaminant is water. Even worse‚ high contaminant levels can severely compromise a lubricant’s ability to protect your valuable assets.

To prevent this from occurring‚ count on RelaDyne Reliability Services‘s Emergency Water and Gas Removal to immediately remove the contaminants that have entered your operating system. By doing so, you’ll minimize component damage quickly‚ without affecting production.


Many lubrication systems including compressors, seal oil, turbine oil systems can have an ingress of process gas during normal operations. These gases will impact the quality of the oil and cause reliability issues. We can install vacuum dehydration type technologies to successfully remove these gases from the oil and greatly improving oil quality and system performance.

Benefits to your Bottom Line

  • Revenue improvement due to timely prevention of unscheduled downtime
  • Reduction in lubricant and wear-related component expenses
  • Reduction of lubricant waste

All Provided by RelaDyne’s Emergency Water and Gas Removal Program

Effects of Water on Equipment Life

On-site Inspection

Request an on-site inspection by our team of experts to help you determine the root cause of contamination and provide an optimum solution.

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