The Reward of Growth as Chevron’s Top 2016-2017 Marketer

The Reward of Growth as Chevron’s Top 2016-2017 Marketer

The Reward of Growth as Chevron’s Top 2016-2017 Marketer

Eagle Award

Since the beginning, RelaDyne has built a trusted and encouraging relationship with its suppliers focused on strategic growth in sales and product advocation. These supplier relationships have continued to develop and become stronger, a direct correlation to RelaDyne’s present success within branded markets.

Every year, Chevron continues its tradition of its Medalist Program. The Medalist Program awards U.S. and Canadian 1st Source Marketers for Chevron lubricants product purchases and growth over a 12-month period. This year’s program calculated both purchased volume and percentage growth between July 1, 2016 – June 30, 2017. 

As direct acknowledgement of RelaDyne’s exponential growth and strong partnership with Chevron, RelaDyne has been awarded the two highest awards of the Chevron Medalist Program.

The Eagle Award, a very prestigious award only awarded to the top overall performing marketer, was awarded to RelaDyne, recognizing the company as the top Chevron Lubricants Marketer across U.S. and Canada. The Eagle Award exhibits the importance of both RelaDyne and Chevron’s business to one another. The growth that has qualified RelaDyne to receive this award is a direct result of RelaDyne’s motivated, top tier sales team and the support and strategic alignment with Chevron.

The Gold Award is presented to the marketer with the highest number of points in each of the Chevron business areas. RelaDyne was awarded the Gold Award as one of the marketers with the highest number of points regardless of business area, demonstrating RelaDyne’s continuous efforts to prioritize and align its sales goals with all of Chevron’s product lines and remaining impartial to any one product category.

“RelaDyne has won multiple Gold Awards, and their continued success is a result of their continued execution of strategy and sales focus,” said Eli Sarmiento, Chevron Business Partner, of our 2016-2017 win.

RelaDyne’s Executive Leadership illustrates appreciation for these awards saying:

“We are very proud and honored to be recognized for this prestigious award. It continues to reinforce the strategy of growth and opportunities for our associates and customers. This recognition is a direct result of both the RelaDyne and Chevron management teams working together on behalf of our mutual customers. Our growth and influence on the industry is becoming more recognized by both customers and vendors. We have much work to accomplish on behalf of our customers and our associates in our effort to become the premier lubricant and fuel distribution company in the US.”

– Larry Stoddard, RelaDyne CEO & President

“With Gratitude, we are honored to be recognized with the Eagle Award, Chevron’s highest level award for lubricant marketers in North America.  We are thankful for the support we receive from Chevron, our industry peers, our associates, our loyal customers and our financial sponsors.  This support has allowed us to execute on our vision to create a national distribution platform for lubricants, fuel and reliability services; and for that we are continually grateful.”

– Jeff Hart, Executive Vice President of Business Development

“I am extremely proud of both the Chevron and RelaDyne Teams on a true partnership across our footprint, and to be recognized with the prestigious Eagle Award! Support and execution from both teams were crucial in order to hit our goals and grow the Chevron brand.  We are grateful to be awarded this honor by Chevron Management and look forward to continued growth through great suppliers and the Associates at RelaDyne.”

– Doug Oehler, Executive Vice President of Branch Distribution   

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