Turbo Filtration, LLC

Turbo Filtration, LLC

Turbo Filtration, LLC

A RelaDyne Company since August 2014

Part of the RelaDyne services division, Turbo Filtration LLC was acquired by RelaDyne in July of 2014. Established in 2000, Turbo Filtration provides top of the line turbine and industrial cleaning to increase the productivity and profitability of its customers’ operations.

As a recognized industry leader in turbine and industrial cleaning, TFC surpasses industry standards with specializations in turbine oil flushing, oil system hydroblasting, compressor flushing, and more.

With RelaDyne’s support, we’ve been able to expand our services and capabilities while maintaining the level of service excellence that we've prided ourselves on for decades.

Mike Enger, founder and previous owner of TFC

Notable Services

  • Turbine Oil Flush – For all types of industrial plants, including power plants, utilities, startup projects, OEM’s, paper mills, and refineries.
  • Oil System Hydroblasting – High-pressure water blasting used as a method of cleaning the internal pipes and reservoirs of lube systems, reducing contamination in the piping system.
  • Cooler Cleaning & Retubing – An onsite mobile unit utilizing a closed-loop circulation and filtration system to clean out particles down to 10 microns.
  • EHC and MHC System Flushing – A systematic flushing process that dissolves harmful fluid deposits for electrohydraulic controlled (EHC) steam turbines. The flushing fluid used contains acids that dissolve deposits and flush them back to the reservoir where they are removed. The acids are then removed from the hydraulic system following the flush.
  • Compressor Flushing – A process of flushing contaminants out of large and small compressor units in the petro chemical and gas transmission industries.
  • Equipment Sales & Rental – Service to provide sales and rental equipment needs for all projects, large and small.
  • Onsite Lab Service – A service to inspect and analyze oil samples on-site or in our facility, saving you time and money with preventative maintenance with latest in testing equipment and technology.

Turbo Filtration’s services extend but are not limited to new construction, normal planned outages, emergency outages, and plant restoration projects.

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