Why Your Shop Needs High Quality Motor Oils & How RelaDyne Can Help

Why Your Shop Needs High Quality Motor Oils & How RelaDyne Can Help

Why Your Shop Needs High Quality Motor Oils & How RelaDyne Can Help

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Pouring a proper cappuccino is an art form. It’s an art form which requires proper equipment and quality ingredients. It’s not any different when dealing with finished lubricants, such as motor oil.

Why should you care if low-quality oils are delivered to your shop? Using low-quality oils can result in costly repairs. Oils that do not meet required specs could ultimately void an OEM warranty. 

If major damage occurs from the use of low quality motor oil not meeting manufacturer’s specifications, a warranty may be voided. Rebuilding or replacing an engine can cost your shop thousands of dollars. 

Our DuraMAX motor oils are designed to meet or exceed OEM specifications and deliver high quality performance every mile. Our selection of viscosities ensures a solution for every one of your customers. As a DuraMAX customer, not only will you experience a robust line of motor oils, but we also have a premium selection of wiper blades, filters, power steering fluid, and many more ancillary products. All of our products are fully licensed and designed to comprehensively meet your customers’ maintenance requirements year round. 

As a DuraMAX customer, you will experience the benefit of offering a premium product, as well as the opportunity to participate in profit-generating and customer retention programs design by our team to ensure your shop’s success with our product. Handled almost exclusively by our team, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by taking advantage of all that DuraMAX has to offer your business and customers. 

The next time you drink a cup of cappucino, think about the quality of lubricants in your shop. Contact us today to learn more about our DuraMAX program and how your shop and customers can benefit. 

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