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3 Factors to Consider When Choosing The Lubricant Right for Your Equipment

3 Factors to Consider When Choosing The Lubricant Right for Your Equipment

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When choosing the lubrication best fit for your equipment, regardless of the industry you’re in, you will be inundated with options. You will have the chance to choose between an array of premium and standard lubricants all promising the same thing: performance.

The performance of your equipment is key to your business’ operations. Without quality performance, your equipment will require more routine maintenance, breakdowns will be more frequent, and productivity all together will not be as efficient.

Consider these three important factors when choosing the lubricant best fit for your business:


Price is always the most important factor for most buys in your business and personal life. When choosing a lubricant, it’s no different. Choosing the most cost effective lubricant that will also deliver high performance and long lasting performance is important to evaluating cost. It is necessary to consider various price points and compare their fluid life, preventative maintenance needs needed in conjunction with their use to determine the ROI for your business.

Fluid Life

The longer the lubricant you are using can last in your equipment and output high performance, the better. Make sure the lubricants you are investing in are going to last.


You may find the lubricant you need on the shelf, but if you can’t, what do you do? The ability to create a customizable blend fit for your equipment is key to making sure the lubricant you use is compatible with your equipment. RelaDyne can create a custom blend solution for you. Learn more, here.  

Regardless of the brand lubricant you choose, make sure you are receiving the best value and quality for your equipment. Proper lubrication within your equipment’s’ operations can save you thousands, even millions of dollars in repairs and maintenance. 

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