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DuraMAX (Automotive)

DuraMAX (Automotive)

DuraMAX (Automotive)

Product Details

Explore our Broad Offering of Automotive Products

RelaDyne features a robust line of premium motor oils of various viscosities from major brands including Shell, Philipps 66, Chevron, and more. We offer nearly every ancillary product, including a variety of fluids, filters, as well as wiper blades.

Partcilularly, we take pride in exclusively carrying API certified products that meet or surpass general OEM requirements. Adhering to OEM recommendations ensures your customers’ vehicles stay in ideal operational condition for as long as they service with you. Let RelaDyne take your automotive maintenance program to the next level.

Our DuraMAX Brand

The DuraMAX brand portfolio seeks to be your all-in-one supplier for routine vehicle maintenance in your shop. With this in mind, we offer nearly every maintenance product you may need to serve your customers.

The DuraMAX line offers unparalleled engine protection and performance. In fact, some of the biggest names in quick lubes choose DuraMAX as their preferred motor oil and ancillary product supplier. When you buy DuraMAX, you choose a quality value-added supported program that puts your service center ahead of the competition.

DuraMAX, Powered by RelaDyne, has recently upgraded to ILSAC GF-6 on a rolling change

DuraMAX’s new GF-6 Technology has demonstrated outstanding performance features and benefits in the following critical areas:

  1. Wear Performance
  2. Oxidation & Cleanliness performance
  3. Pre-ignition control
  4. Fuel Economy
RelaDyne’s Automotive Offering includes the following products

Premium full synthetic engine oil
Synthetic engine oil
High mileage engine oil
Synthetic blend engine oil
Windshield washer solvent
Automatic transmission fluid

Gear oil
Wiper blades
Oil, air, cabin filters, fuel filters
Brake cleaners
Car care chemicals
Hand cleaner and mechanic gloves
Mineral spirits
Tire repair supplies
Lubrication equipment
Lifts, shelving

Air compressors
Diesel exhaust fluid
Brake fluid
Floor and equipment degreasers
R134A refrigerant
AC rings and accessories
Fuses, lamps, and bulbs
Flush equipment
Hose clamps

DuraMAX Advanced Full Synthetic XLT
Advanced Full Synthetic Oils
dexos1 Gen 2 Full Synthetic Oils
Full Synthetic Oils
Synthetic Blend oils
High Mileage Oils
Global ATF
Multi-Purpose ATF
Antifreeze 50/50 and Concentrated
All Makes All Models Antifreeze 50/50 and Concentrated
Heavy Duty Brake Fluid
Power Steering Fluid
Brake Cleaners
Air & Cabin Air Filters
Oil Filters
Fuel Filters
ClearVISION OE Wiper Blade
UltraVISION Beam Wiper Blade

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