Cleaning & Sanitation

Cleaning & Sanitation

Cleaning & Sanitation

Sanitation Products

RelaDyne provides Disinfectant and Sanitation Solutions to customers in all sectors of our business.

We now offer Hand Sanitizer to ensure our customers the ability to operate with the highest degree of cleanliness and sanitation.

Hand Sanitizer is an efficient disinfectant to eliminate germs. This hand sanitizer product is formulated for ultimate protection against viruses, bacteria and other harmful pathogens that may be transferred to skin or various surfaces via direct contact or airborne transfer.

Featuring an alcohol content of 80%, this product is potent enough to destroy germs quickly on a variety of surfaces and safe for use on skin.

Typical Applications:
  • Golf Courses: Spray Pins, Ball Washers, Divot boxes, Putting Green flags/Pins, Pins, Holes, Riding Carts, Pull carts, Door Handles, etc.
  • Truck Stops/Gas Stations: Pumps, Reels, Credit card readers, Air Pump filler, Handles, etc.
  • Manufacturing: loading of trucks, pumps, gear boxes, steel drums, IBC’s, tank/hose switches, etc.
  • Dealerships/Oil Changers: Pumps, reels, hoses, test cars driven, lobby, waiting rooms, etc.
  • Postal Service/Sanitization: Metal services on Trucks, Trash cans, Mailboxes, etc.
  • Other possible industries: HVAC, Community Pools, Parks, Hospitals, Businesses, Restaurants, Bars, Grocers, Hotels, Construction Sites, Municipalities, Stadiums, Universities, Concert Venus, Airports, Rental Car Centers, Boat/Jet Ski rental, Marina’s

Packaging Sizes Available:

  • 5-Gallon Pail
  • 55-Gallon Drum
  • 275-Gallon Tote
  • Bulk

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