Clarus Fluid Intelligence

Weapons Cleaners

Weapons Cleaners

WCS-25 Self-Recycling Weapons Cleaning System

Clarus’s Weapons Cleaning Station (WCS-25) was developed with significant input directly from soldiers, armorers and others whose job it is to clean and maintain weaponry on a routine basis.

WCS-25 offers two-person side by side cleaning capability for double productivity with Clarus intelligent design. Its one-of-a-kind cone-shaped tank and patent pending “Tortuous Path” baffle system ensure cleaner solvent and consistent flow rates. This system uses half the solvent of similar sized parts washers and eliminates pricey service contracts. You’ll never have to dump solvent again!

Weapons Cleaning System WCS-25

What’s more, the WCS-25 is overbuilt by design – with robust steel construction, oven-baked powder coatings, generous stainless steel work surfaces, and all stainless fasteners. Smart features like ergonomic brushes, a separate on-board sludge pump and inboard filters provide ultimate dependability.

Go ahead and compare. If you want the best weapons cleaning systems, WCS-25 lets you clean weapons faster and easier while saving money and reducing waste.

Optional Complimentary Product: StillClean Solvent Distillation Unit and StillClean Rolling Cart Download Manual

Baffle System

The patent-pending Tortuous Path baffle system uses gravity and a slow moving fluid path to let contaminants and sludge settle out of the solvent. Fluid has to move first down through the inner baffle and then up through the outer baffle before it is returned to the tank. The pump is always pulling the cleanest solvent from the top of the tank, and filtering it to deliver consistent, clean solvent flow. Optional stainless steel tank assembly available for use with aqueous based cleaners.

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