Dan Oehler

Dan Oehler

Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing

Dan Oehler serves as RelaDyne’s Executive VP of Sales and Marketing and is responsible for all RelaDyne corporate marketing and sales activities with a primary focus and responsibility on organic growth. He is an industry-leading marketer and is responsible for RelaDyne’s executive sales and marketing responsibilities, including e-commerce, branding, budget and marketing spend, sales collateral, racing team partnerships, licensing, trademarks and patents, digital platforms, and events. He acts as brand manager for RelaDyne’s DuraMAX and Drydene brands and manages key RelaDyne client and major oil relationships, including participating in Advisory Councils and industry-related Boards. Dan is a RelaDyne ELT member also serving on the IT Steering Committee. Dan served on the road show of the AEA and Audax transaction.

Dan is married to Devon, and they have 3 children. They reside together in West Chester, OH. Dan graduated from the Indiana University School of Business while co-founding the IU Sales Center and Market Intelligence Center.

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