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A RelaDyne Company since January 2015
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RediFuel (Sunwell Corporation) was acquired by RelaDyne in January of 2015. Founded in 1991, RediFuel is a San Antonio-based fueling services company providing fuel products and services to reliability-centric customers. The company operates 24/7, 365 days a year, with employees and equipment always prepared to deploy.

RediFuel is an emergency response company and therefore must take all precautions to be as unaffected as possible during a crisis. To this end we are constantly fine-tuning our equipment and operations in order to maintain the most reliable service possible. We maintain our own proprietary fuel storage in addition to utilizing multiple refinery suppliers for our product sources. Should an event affect access to any refineries, racks, terminals, or pipelines, our storage enables us to continue servicing our customers without interruption.

We supply the generator fuel to most all data centers, hospitals, medical facilities, office buildings, and telecommunication infrastructure in the San Antonio area and have provided fuel support for contracted customers prior to, during, and after every major hurricane event from Texas to Florida since 2003.

RelaDyne is a great partner for the RediFuel business, as it gives our customers a more robust offering while ensuring there is the consistent level of service they have come to expect from us.

John Sheesley

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