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  • Introducing DuraMAX XLT Motor Oils!

    Porous surfaces retain stains and make cleaning harder than ever. Fuel spills, oil spills and dark stubborn stains on site are messy, and, if left unaddressed, can become time consuming and costly to remove. In addition to the mess, spills can be dangerous and unfortunately, industrial solvents can be just as dangerous to user’s health. … Read More

  • Summer Coolants

    Tips for choosing the best coolant for hot weather to stay cool and safe on the road! As the summer heat is in full swing, […]

  • Get Winter Ready!

    Winter is here! With the cold weather season in full swing, extra precautions must be taken to avoid unwanted complications and costly expenses. This includes understanding which products are cold weather compatible. Check engine lights, tire pressure and battery performance are common complications brought on by the cold but not the only factors you need… Read More

  • GM Dexos1™ Gen 3: Raising Oil Specifications

    General Motors (GM) has introduced a new global engine oil specification, Dexos1™ Gen 3, designed to improve performance, enhance oxidation, and meet improved engine cleanliness standards. In correspondence to this, DuraMAX products have been upgraded to meet the standards of this new specification. What This Means: Engine oil specifications are put in place and updated… Read More

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